5 Quick Ways to Summon Your Creativity Like a Wizard

Summon Your Creativity

I find that creativity rolls in peaks and valleys like riding a roller coaster. At times, you’re high on the tracks doing loops and working hard at your craft. It seems as if you can’t slow down and of course,  you don’t want to. The drive, the magic of ideas and thought are moving at exceptional speeds. This is the feeling of having your hands are in the air and you’re screening with joy at the top of your lungs.

Then there are times when you feel you couldn’t create your art even if Michelangelo was guiding your hand. It’s like the energy is gone and the gates to run free in your creative pasture are shut. Do not enter.

I dislike that feeling. It’s like there’s no fuel in the brain fire.

So how do we get back to where creativity flows and floods your mind? Well, I use these 5 methods below to kick start mine and hopefully they can help you conjure those spells of creativity to keep you moving forward with your work while giving you that awesome, tingly feeling inside.

 Here are 5 Quick Ways to Summon Your Creativity Like a Wizard

  1. Get out and explore – Whether you live in a city or farm town, get out of your normal location and go check things out. Go for a bike ride, a walk, or a drive. Visit parts of your town that you haven’t been to in a while or at all. The purpose here is take your mind off of your work and let it just take in the sites. I find that this really helps me reflect on my life and the world as a whole.
  2. Find a way to laugh – The feel good chemicals that are released with laughter really help take the edge off of any anxiety that you may be feeling.  I try not to be so serious and I think that outlook allows me to look at things a little more rosy which kicks in the creativity.
  3. Read children’s books – The amount if creativity in children’s book is off the charts. These writers are adults that can grab the attention of kids. To me, it’s a wonderful, wonderful world when I’m immersed in books by Dr. Seuss. They capture my imagination and let me feel like a kid again if only for that short amount of time. These books help illuminate that curiosity and lost imagination that adulthood brings. Read and let your inner child run free in pink fields and yellow skies. I promise you’ll find some creative spark of magic in there.
  4. Try a different medium – This method is super fun. If you’re a writer, paint. If you’re a painter, write. If you’re a photographer, draw. If you’re a digital illustrator, record yourself signing. This gets you out of your comfort zone and forces you to think in patterns that you’re not used to. I made a hip hop track that was fun to do because I’ve never done anything like that before. It was really fun and helped my creativity gas tank fill up. Plus I laughed a lot at myself. If you heard it, I’m sure you laughed at me to. The point is to try other muses and simply have fun.
  5. Exercise & meditate/ breathe – Going for a run, jumping rope, swimming, lifting weights, playing tennis, or any other active sport also releases those feel good brain chemicals giving you that smile of accomplishment.  During the exercise, I find myself traveling outside of standard thoughts and ideas. I think this area is a great way to explore and investigate your inner realms. There’s some great creativity back in those caverns of thought. Find it and use it.The last part of this suggestion is to meditate. I don’t really perform hardcore meditation, I simply like to remove all sources of external distractions and take several deep breaths. I like the peace and quiet and think it really helps shift and center one’s thoughts. I like to think this is similar to defragmenting your hard drive. It puts everything back in alignment giving your creativity the solid foundation it requires.

I’m sure there many more ways to summon creativity. These methods are ones I like to use and hope they can help you find your own creativity.

If you have certain methods that help you ignite your creativity, please share it in the comments below so others can use it and find theirs.

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