Dream in Color

Dream in Color

Vivid imaginations create valuable innovations.

The mind is a vortex of ideas and trying to master the labyrinth of thought is like trying to know the unknown.

Enjoy the vibrance of life and live your dreams with passion.

Change your perception and look with your heart.

Love the breaths you can take and cherish the art you create.

Read the signs of your own intuition for they always point you in the right direction.

Relax the soul and sleep deeply without worry.

Understand what you trade your time for and make it count.

You’re alive.

Dream in color.


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About Brad

I'm a purveyor of life and truth with a zeal to be what I want. A Superman to some and a mere mortal to others. I strive to live free of the predetermined path that besets us, for I am unbound by your gravity and laws. I fly in my own freethinking world where I live with passion for family and fun. At least that's what's in my head.