Stop with your pop-up shit

Death to Automatic Pop-Up forms

I hate your fucking automatic pop-up forms. Stop it already. I’m calling for the death of these aberrations and intrusions of common decency. I came to your site to read your articles, not sign up for your crap before I even know what you’re about. I feel like this when I visit your site for the first time. If I come back and want to read more of your stuff and that pop-up bullshit strikes again, your bounce rate has just gone up a bit because your overlay is making me feel like I’m being accosted by a man with rubber gloves and an x-ray machine. I just want to leave.

I don’t know if there is some secret meeting in a dark lair where top bloggers organize and contrive to make pop-ups a universal and standard procedure, but let me tell you they’re annoying as hell and turn me off more than a botched surgery of a Thailand lady-boy.

For those of you who do use them, you have been lied to. Sure your stats may show a little improvement in sign ups, but even I can get someone to confess with a light shining in their eyes and then water-boarding them for hours on end. As a guy who knows a little about user experience (UX), I think those pops-ups are a sign that the devil does exist and he or she clearly thinks we are stupid. The apple was at least shiny and forbidden. What’s being proposed now with those pop-up sign up forms is just rude and uncalled for. Where’s the attraction? Where’s my Eden?

I promise to not have a pop-up sign up form on this blog or any future sites I manage. Let me take that back, I promise to not have an AUTOMATIC pop-up sign up forms, but I may have one that a user can click a link or button to activate it. This way, the user has control of what they want and doesn’t need to worry about being force fed a spoonful of sugar that turned out to be arsenic.

So here’s what I want you to take away from this post: DON’T USE AUTOMATIC POP-UP FORMS.

There, that’s the lesson of this rant. I’m glad others have done this though. We can all learn from others and this is one tactic that won’t be implemented in my repertoire of tricks. I encourage you to think about what you’re doing before you add automatic pop-up forms on your site. Do you want to beat your readers into submission to sign up or do would you rather have them sign up on their own free will?

Am I the only one that feels this way? What are your guys’ thoughts on them? If you are a blogger that does have them , please share your thoughts?

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